We are an Accredited Cyber Security consulting company founded by senior penetration testers and security managers that believe in a world where abilities matter the most, CTD offers certified Cyber Security Services of the highest quality possible, for clients in the USA, EMEA.
A major movement for CTD was to enter and become part of P3 Group in the beginning of 2022.

P3 Group is an independent and international consulting company.
The Group's Expertise include: Digital Services, Data Analytics and AI, Android Automotive and Electric Mobility

Our leaders:

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Executive Board

Danie Ciobanu Co-Founder CEH Certified Cyber Security Engineer

Daniel Ciobanu

Managing Director

Andrei Pusoiu Co-Founder Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Andrei Pusoiu

Managing Director

Marius Mailat

P3 Executive Partner 

Tobias Loehr

Lead Security & Technical Compliance

We do strongly believe that:

People are the key

for Success

Offensive Security Department

Razvan Furdui OSCP Certified Cyber Security Engineer

Razvan Furdui

Managing Director – Cyber Operations

Veronica Mihaiu OSCP Certified Cyber Security Engineer

Veronica Mihaiu

Cyber Security Team Lead – Web Security

Dan Nicolae

 Cyber Security Team Lead – IoT Security

Ovidiu Valea

Cyber Security Engineer Team Lead – Cloud Security

Costica Luchian

Cyber Security Team Lead – Network Security

Andrei Petric

Cyber Threat Intelligence Engineer

David Timofte

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Ciprian Nisioi

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Paul Socatiu

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Adrian Capilnean

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Renata Metes

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Vlad Cucuian

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Alex Domniteanu

 Cyber Security Engineer – Automotive 

Sorin Sav

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Ioan Munteanu

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Adrian Dumitrescu

 Cyber Security Engineer 


SOC Analyst

Ion Stan

SOC Analyst

Andrei Kovacs

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Filip Cotan

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Cristian Pop

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Dardan Hasani

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Lucian Ilca

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Alexandru Ion

 Cyber Security Engineer 

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Department

Tudor Lapusan

Machine Learning Engineer

Vadim Otel

Machine Learning Engineer

Victor Barbat

Software Engineer

Denis Ursu

Software Engineer

Timotei Tamas

Java/Scala Engineer

Business Development Department

Cristiana Ciobanu

Financial Accountant


Oana Balint

Business Developer & Partner Support Specialist


Paul Budu

Account/Project Manager

Victor Oprean

Head Financial Accountant

We value people, and strongly believe that their professional and personal growth will reflect in efficiency, professionalism and high quality services.
Our engineers are motivated to stay up to date with the new industry technologies and knowledge. CTD members are embracing a culture of development.

Our engineers
are certified with:

Certified Incident Handler (ECIH)
comptia pentest+
Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (CPTC)
Certified Red Team Professional
Offensive Security OSCP Certification
oswe avae certification
Certified Red Team Expert
Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
CISM Certification Security Manager Alexandru Armean
Nexpose NACA Certified Administrator
Cisco - Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
eWPT certification
CREST CPSA certification
Microsoft MTA Certification
Splunk - Core Certified User
nexpose certified administrator
Fortinet - Network Security Associate
ccna cisco certified routing and switching
AZ-900-1 Microsoft Azure Certification

What we believe in

Our Mision

Help clients deal with cybersecurity risks using a variety of cybersecurity services and solutions.

Our Vision

A global leader in cybersecurity field having certified engineers that can cover every niche.

Our Values

Trust, Personal Drive, Highly Technical, Communicative, Transparency

Brief Company History

● 2017: Andrei Pușoiu founds CT DEFENSE SRL in association with Daniel Ciobanu

● 2017: Partnership with other local Cyber Security Companies for outsourcing projects

● 2018: Stable growth in projects and partnerships

● 2019: hiring of 10 more security engineers and consultants

● 2019: significant number of new projects (investigations in cumulated 10 million € frauds, over 3000 pentest, multiple on-site engagement in UAE, EMEA and across the country)

● 2019: First steps towards obtaining ISO 27001 certification

● 2020: Engaged in obtaining CREST UK based certification

● 2021: CTD is now CREST certified

● 2021: Started the Machine Learning and Frontend Branches 

● 2021: Solidified many partnerships in USA, UE and UAE

● 2021: Hiring 10+ new specialists in cybersecurity

● 2022: CTD became part of P3 Group, an independent and international consulting company.

● 2022: Opening of an Automotive Cybersecurity Branch 

We strongly believe that our unique combination of competencies and experience make us an ideal partner to any project

Gain confidence in your IT Systems

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