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CT Defense offers a wide range of cybersecurity services from a certified and professional team of cybersecurity engineers. Over time we collaborated with many clients all over the world in various projects and successful collaborations. We can help you expand your services with cybersecurity through White Label in Virginia or anywhere else.

CT Defense aims to continue to offer professional and insightful services for their clients and partners, and scale the business even more. Nowadays, the number of clients interested in cybersecurity is increasing, they are searching for professionals that can make sure that their products and services are secured.

Depending on your company field and customers, there is always a chance to offer your clients more value by adding cybersecurity services into your portfolio.If you have potential clients interested in such services, CT Defense can provide assistance under your own brand name.

White-Label in Virginia

add cybersecurity in your portofolio and deliver top-edge services
White-labeling is a process in which a company collaborates with another in order to ensure complete and fully expertise on a field, such as cybersecurity. The whole process is conducted under the partners name. Easily said, it's your service, but executed by us.

Using a white labeling approach will bring value to your clients, will save you time and money, create an opportunity to scale the business and deliver new services additionally to the ones you already have, and will not require you to hire new employees with such extensive expertise.

The Referral in Virginia

send your client to us and enjoy the rewards
The difference between the referral and white labeling is that the cybersecurity service will be offered directly through our brand by your referral. We will reward you with advantageous fees for any referral made to your clients.
The referral approach works similarly with the white-label approach but it might be better for you if you don’t want to be involved directly into the management of the project, the communication with the client or if the idea of white labeling creates conflicts of interest.

Why to become a partner?​

Scale your business

We're setting up the stage to enable and support growth in your company.

Add new services

Adding new services such as cybersecurity audits, pen-test and vulnerabilities assessment will create new opportunities.

Cybersecurity services are increasing as demand

Closer to the development of technology comes the need of protection and security. We are able to supply that need!

Add value to your clients

Clients appreciate when they are offered an additional but needed service from their trusted collaborator.

Professional Team working for you

CT Defense has a full team of specialists, certified in various and niched areas of cybersecurity. With numerous projects and expertise, we offer top edge engineering.

Which approach works better for you?

Let's simplify things

The White Labeling approach

As a partner in the White Labeling approach you will be the primarily intermediary in the process. Although, CT Defense will be strongly collaborating with you with all the necessary resourses or information. You’ll deliver constant updates on the process and possible findings.

All the methodologies and processes are already developed and ready to be used.  

The Referral approach

The Referral Approach doesn’t require much involvement for the partner. But it’s still a simple, rewarding and effective way to grow and add value for your clients. 

The essential steps of the process are explained below​

We work in an efficient and simple manner

1. Contract signing and acceptance of partnership

Our key value and objective is to create a relationship based on trust and long-term collaboration. Discretion and adaptability are essential for us. We are committed to maintaining the reputation and brand of your company.

2. CT Defense will create all necessary materials branded with Partner details (Reports/brochure)

We make it easier for you to promote the cybersecurity services and give all the necessary information to your clients in a clear and effective manner, using your brand and identity. All the materials that are connecting you to your client will be branded and stylized to match your identity and company image.

3. CT Defense will provide walkthrough/training of services to Partner

We make cybersecurity easy with detailed information on each service, guidance and training. You’ll have our constant assistance at one click distance.

4.A CT Defense will help in scoping a specific service request from Partner's clients

Scoping is an essential part of any cybersecurity service, we will provide you with the prerequisites and necesar documentation to assure a smooth scoping process. After the scope we will know exactly what the objectives are and what resources we need to use for the project.

4.B CT Defense engineers can be incorporated within Partner's environment (emails created, phone numbers, Teams groups etc.)

Similarly with step 2, because we want to represent your company and brand we will require an environmental incorporation. In any interaction with the clients we will use your emails and specific groups.

5. Once confirmed and scheduled, CT Defense will handle the engineering assignment, daily reporting and final report delivery

Once we start the engineering process you and the client will be notified with a brief status of the activity, during the process we will keep you informed with any moderate-high or critical finding. If the project is longer, we will create a mid-report that will summarize the main aspects that were done and the most important findings.

6. Partner will deliver the final report to client after Quality Control and review

The final report will go through a Quality control evaluation and review for the optimal end result.

If you want to become our partner, either using the white labeling approach or the referral one, we invite you to get in touch and explore the solutions with us.

Are you looking to expand your services with cybersecurity for your clients in Virginia or over the world?

Here are some advantages and key characteristics of Cyber Threat Defense​

Advantages to choose us

Full stack of cybersecurity services

Add over 20 new cybersecurity services to your portfolio, consult our full list here

Strong partnerships

CT Defense aims to create valuable and long-lasting relationships with their partners, CT Defense values community, trust and discretion.

Top edge quality

The team, methodologies, tools and experience will offer highly qualified services to you and your clients. Always aiming to deliver professional & valuable results.

Clear scoping

Prepared with all the necessary documentation and resources for effective scoping​

Client updated and involved

Continuous monitoring and updates of the process status to be send to the clients, therefor they can be aware of any new relevant information such as critical vulnerabilities or threats

All parties involved

Clear steps and processes in order to ensure the most effective communication and collaboration between all parties involved​

On-site engagements

Distance will not stop CT Defense, if the project requires on-site analyze and work, we will be there.

Marketing materials

The chameleonic power to create, change and present any marketing material that can help you during the promotion of the services

Success mentality

Dynamic, flexible and solution-oriented team. We're going to solve any obstacles in the way.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing service, where a software company provides their engineers in the form of external hire.

Certified Experts​

Highly Technical. Effective Communication. Trust

Danie Ciobanu Co-Founder CEH Certified Cyber Security Engineer
Veronica Mihaiu OSCP Certified Cyber Security Engineer
Razvan Furdui OSCP Certified Cyber Security Engineer

Why trust CTD to become your partner!

CTD's security engineers are part of GIAC Advisory Board, CISM Accredited and OSCP certified experts and helped many clients from all over the world. We can do it in Virginia too!

Offensive Security OSCP Certification
Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
CISM Certification Security Manager Alexandru Armean
GIAC Exploit Researcher And Advanced Penetration Tester GXPN
Certified Incident Handler (ECIH)
comptia pentest+
Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (CPTC)
Nexpose NACA Certified Administrator
Certified Red Team Expert
Certified Red Team Professional
Cisco - Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
oswe avae certification
Microsoft MTA Certification
CREST CPSA certification
eWPT certification
Fortinet - Network Security Associate
nexpose certified administrator
Splunk - Core Certified User
AZ-900-1 Microsoft Azure Certification

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