Threat Intelligence

Find out what cyber criminals plan to do before they do it

The value of CTI lies in its ability to empower organizations with proactive and strategic insights into the evolving cyber security landscape.

In the realm of cybersecurity, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) acts as the eyes and ears, providing organizations with the situational awareness needed to detect, understand and neutralize potential cyber threats. Cyber Threat Intelligence is a multidimensional resource that sheds light on the identity and motivations of cyber attackers and unveils their methods and preferred targets.

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Benefits of a 24/7 Threat Intelligence Monitoring

CTI is Cost-Effective

Despite feeling that this technology could cost a fortune, CTI is actually cost effective and will help your company save millions in costs. On average a data breach results in an $8 million loss to the company in lawsuits, fines, fees and a decrease in sales due to loss in reliability. CTI will save the organization from incurring such heavy costs and prevent and minimize damage from attacks.

Improves the efficiency of the security team

Cyber Threat Intelligence identifies potential threats to the organization and details which threats need immediate attention, thus aiding the security team in preparing adequately. The investigations will allow for increased efficiency amongst the team by identifying threats, resulting in the team being able to focus on priority security threats.

Lower overall risk exposure

Timely and actionable intelligence informs the business of any potential vulnerabilities present in their systems which will prevent bad actors from exploiting those weaknesses if prompt action is taken.

Prevent data breaches

CTI prevents data breaches in an organization as it thoroughly checks for sensitive information that might be present and accessible online regarding breached credentials, suspicious links or IP addresses used in phishing attacks and other information that might present a risk to the company.

Collaborative knowledge sharing

CTI allows for sharing of cybersecurity practices and information of threats and threat actors across organizations. With these collaborations, companies can learn of new threats that affect other organizations and prepare accordingly.

In-Depth Cyber Threat Analysis

CTI stores a multitude of information from previous attacks and thus can inform your company on the methods used to carry out such attacks. This analysis can help establish tight security protocols which will prevent the company from falling victim to such attacks.

How do we do things?

Consultancy Meeting

We will conduct an initial meeting to define the project's scope, determine the objectives, and establish direct channels of communication with the client for any necessary requirements and status updates.

Create a scoping document and action plan.

Our team will identify the project requirements, limitations and risks. We will create a detailed Action Plan to include day-to-day actions.

Information Gathering

Our team will identify the assets and other requirements. Identify potential cyber threats and their context within the organization. Identify threat indicators, patterns, initial signs and sources of information that may substantiate the potential threats, like email logs, access records, or sensitive data accessed.

Start the investigation

Our team will start the investigation by identifying information sources, collecting raw data, normalizing the data to make it consistent and usable and analyzing the data to identify patterns, anomalies and potential indicators of the presence of a cyber threat.

Vulnerability Assessment

This phase involves identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications and systems. Vulnerability scanning tools and techniques are used to discover potential entry points for attackers. Any vulnerability, no matter how seemingly minor, can be considered a potential threat.

Delivering the report

Our team will generate a Cyber Threat Intelligence Report which will include discovered threats, impact and recommendations. Our experts will offer remediation guidance for addressing the issues identified during the investigation, if feasible and upon request.

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What do you get?

Our Threat Intelligence Service offers two distinct packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring robust online security and proactive threat management. Here is a breakdown of what each package entails:

One-Time Task Force Investigation

  • Designed for small businesses
  • This package involves a comprehensive, one-time investigation aimed at uncovering and documenting all exposed information and indicators of compromise across the Dark Web and various online forums.
  • This package is ideal for small companies with limited exposure to the Internet.
  • The scope of the service is to conduct a thorough investigation to identify and report exposed company information and potential threats.
  • After the completion of the investigation the client will receive a detailed report of findings along with expert consultancy to address and mitigate discovered vulnerabilities.

Continuous Protection Monitoring

  • This package is best suited for SMEs and corporations with a larger digital footprint and higher risk of exposure.
  • This package provides continuous, round the clock monitoring of internet-exposed assets such as emails, IP addresses, and domains.
  • Monthly investigations into the Dark Web and forums to ensure comprehensive coverage and threat identification.
  • The scope of the service is 24/7 monitoring of business email monitoring, coupled with in-depth monthly investigations, to provide ongoing protection against potential threats.
  • The clients benefit from weekly and monthly reports, zero-day alerts, and instant notifications about critical threats, ensuring timely and effective response to any security incidents.


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