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Real Time 24/7 Security Monitoring

Real Time 24/7 protection against all cyber threats provided by certified engineers

A 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) provides continuous monitoring of the company’s IT environment, rapid threat detection and timely triage of alerts. A professional SOC team can provide immediate incident response capabilities, monitor identities, endpoints, servers, databases, network applications, websites and other systems to uncover potential cyberattacks in real time.

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Benefits of a 24/7 Security Operations Center

Instant Incident Response

A 24/7 SOC team can respond in real time to any cyber security related incidents, thus minimizing the impact of security breaches and preventing further damage to systems and data. Our experienced analysts will act once a true positive incident is discovered and take active measures to isolate the threat and minimize the impact on the corporate network and daily activities. Standard response time to any alert is 10 minutes or less.

24/7 Monitoring

A Security Operations Center is the first  line of defense against attacks and breaches. Cybercriminals will never take a break. While a company may observe standard business hours, there is no guarantee that attackers will do the same. However, by employing 24/7 monitoring solution of the organization’s IT infrastructure, some of the risks can be mitigated.

Improved business reputation

Having a Security Operations Center in place is a strong indicator to clients and third-party stakeholders that the company takes data security and privacy seriously. This helps the business, employees and customers feel more comfortable with sharing data. The improved business reputation from a well-run SOC can potentially increase recommendations from current clients and prospective ones.

Threat Hunting

The SOC Team can provide threat hunting services. Experienced security analysts will actively search for signs of potential breaches or presence of threat actors on the company network. This approach allows for the discovery of potential compromises that the automated tools did not pick up.

Creating and implementing standard procedures

The key to containing an active attack and preventing further network compromise is the existence of clear and concise procedures that have to be followed in case a breach occurs. Our security professionals can create documentation describing in detail the steps to be taken if an incident occurs.

Expertise with latest industry standard tools

Our team is experienced with using a number of different specific tools that are time proven in the industry for delivering the best results. The team is proficient with using Security Information and Event Management tools like Splunk and Elastic Security that offer a complete security management solution, integrating seamlessly with other tools, as well as AI based tools like Dark Trace and endpoint defense solutions like Palo Alto Cortex XDR.

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Phases of our process

Incident Response Plan

Triage of alerts based on severity, investigation of alert details to determine whether it is a false positive or a real incident, and in case of a incident tailoring of appropriate responses to mitigate consequences.

Threat Hunting

Proactively searching for threats on the network. Some APTs have experience and capabilities and they can elude traditional defensive tools, so a proactive approach of searching for signs of compromise is called for.


Our team will write regular reports detailing all the alerts that have been investigated, and providing the client with insights regarding the SOC team’s activities.


We will design playbooks for the top 10 most important threat scenarios. This playbooks will contain a step by step guide of how to respond in case of an incident, to make sure that each member of the team knows what to do.


We will create detailed runbooks for each alert. This runbooks will contain steps on how to investigate an alert and how to respond to a true positive incident.


An SLA functions as a documented understanding between the service provider and the one benefiting from the service. This document will detail every detail of the SOC process from response time to alerts to escalation and remediation.

Full support of Incident

Our team will provide full support over the course of an incident form initial reporting, to mitigating consequences, investigating and providing advice in order to avoid further similar incidents.


Integration with any SIEM tool

Centralized log management

Custom rule creation

Consultancy to choose technologies

SIEM agent installation

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