Red Team Assessment

Uncover vulnerabilities into your network, web applications, physical infrastructure and employees, with the most realistic hacking exercise

What is Red Team assessment?

Red Teaming means no limit hacking and offers the most realistic attack simulations against your organization, designed to assess and significantly improve the effectiveness of your entire information security program.

The techniques our red team use vary from penetration testing on external infrastructure, web apps, phishing attempts aimed at employees and social engineering to impersonating employees with the goal of obtaining admin access.

Benefits of Red Teaming

Identify physical, software and human vulnerabilities

Red Teaming tries to find and fix vulnerabilities in all areas of your organizations: applications, physical access and employees

Offers the most realistic state of risk for your organization

Due to real life hacking scenarios on all areas of your organization

Improve Cyber Security Program

Our team will work closely with your engineers to fix the vulnerabilities and improve the information security program

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Red Team exercise coverage

red team penetration testing

Our methodology

Hacking Van



Physical access

Why trust CTD for Red Team assessment?

CTD's security engineers are part of GIAC Advisory Board, CISM Accredited and OSCP certified experts and helped many clients improve their information security program through red teaming

Offensive Security OSCP Certification
Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
CISM Certification Security Manager Alexandru Armean
certified penetration tester GIAC GPEN
We are a security consulting company, founded by senior penetration testers and security managers, offering certified Cyber Security Services of highest quality possible, for clients in EMEA and Middle East
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