GRC, Governance, Risk and Compliance

Cyber strategy & Risk management

What is GRC?

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is a way to align Information Technology (IT) with business goals, while at the same time managing risks and meeting all industry and legal standards. We ensure organizations are secure by integrating governance, risk management, and compliance to establish a solid foundation in the evolving cybersecurity environment. 


GRC solutions help solve several critical problems for companies:

GRC helps companies navigate and comply with industry-specific regulations, ensuring they meet legal requirements to avoid consequences.

GRC allows companies to to identify and assess potential risks to their operations, allowing for timely mitigation strategies to minimize impact of harmful events.

GRC can assist with the development and implementation of measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

GRC solutions help companies manage and asses risks associated with third-party vendors, ensuring the security of the whole supply chain.

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What benefits can you get from our GRC services?


Implementing GRC resolves immediate and long-term risk exposure, while also allowing for an agile and scalable control environment. A solid GRC strategy can lead an organization to success if used appropriately. This encourages informed decision making which can help mitigate risk and prevent reputational and financial losses. GRC can be a ward against compliance violations, data breaches, and other consequences relating to poor decision making.

Process Optimization

GRC is critical to identify and prioritize resources on key elements of business processes. Non-value adding activities are eliminated and value-adding activities are streamlined to reduce time and any undesirable variations. Replacing manual preventive controls with automated detective controls will increase efficiency and traceability.

Business Transparency

With GRC companies get the ability to view a complete picture of the organization and processes, allowing owners to have access and control over necessary content to understand the business unit profile and applicable risks and challenges. GRC can help businesses achieve a more productive and efficient environment in which all components work towards achieving a common goal.

Protection of Reputation

It takes just one unfortunate event for a business’s reputation to decline fast. GRC can help businesses manage their risks more effectively and protect their reputation. The information gained from GRC can be helpful for managing crises professionally and effectively while defending the company and its board members.

How we implement GRC?

1. Initiation

Together with the client, we define the scope, objectives and stakeholders of the GRC policy. After the scope and objectives are established we get together a team, designate roles and responsibilities and conduct initial assessment of existing GRC processes and practices

2. Planning

We develop a detailed project plan which includes timelines and resource requirements, identifying regulatory requirements and industry standards applicable to the project.

3. Risk Assessment

Our team will conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify and prioritize risks to the organization, we will evaluate the likelihood and potential impact of identified risks. After the risk assessment we will develop a risk mitigation plan and action strategy.

4. Governance Framework Development

Within the project our specialists will establish or improve the company’s governance framework, including the creation or refinement of policies, procedures and internal controls, and define roles and responsibilities for GRC activities within the company.

5. Compliance Assessment

The team will assess the organization’s current level of compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. We will work to identify gaps and develop a compliance strategy and implement compliance programs and controls.

6. Technology Integration

We will evaluate and select GRC tools and technologies that align with the company’s needs and objectives and integrate GRC solutions with existing business processes and IT infrastructure.

7. Training and Awareness

Our experts will develop training programs and implement them to raise awareness about GRC policies and procedures, and also provide training for GRC team members.

8. Monitoring and Reporting

We will implement systems for continuous monitoring of GRC activities and controls, develop reporting mechanisms to track and communicate key GRC metrics and establish regular reporting schedules.

9. Incident Response Planning

The team will develop and implement incident response plans in order to address potential cybersecurity incidents effectively. We will implement training and simulations to ensure preparedness for incident response.

10. Continuous Improvement

Together with the client our team will implement a method for ongoing evaluation and improvement of the GRC program. We will perform regular reviews and updates of policies, procedures and controls in response to changes in the business environment or regulations.

11. Documentation and Audit Preparation

Document all aspects of the GRC program for future reference and audit purposes. Prepare for internal and external audits by making sure documentation is comprehensive and updated.

What do we offer?

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What does the customer receive?

GRC helps organizations establish strong security measures and safeguarding customer data and sensitive information.

GRC helps with reliability in business operations by making sure that companies adhere to best practices, regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Clients benefit from the assurance that their personal data is protected by implementing measures to comply with data protection regulations.

Clients benefit from well-defined incident response plans, ensuring prompt and efficient handling of any cybersecurity incidents and minimizing the impact on services.

GRC ensures that organizations comply with relevant regulatory requirements, and acts as a safeguard from potential legal issues associated with non-compliance.

Efficient GRC practices contribute to minimizing disruptions to day to day operations by identifying and mitigating risks proactively and ensuring continuity of services.

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