GAP Analysis
Security Assessment

A GAP Security Assessment will make sure that your security measures are meeting all the specific requirements in the industry that you’re active in. It’s essential to understand the industry’s best standards and apply them in order to be secure, compliant and gain customers trust.

Our Methodology

The methodology that we are working with is extensive and well documented. We did refine our methodology after many years of proven experience, also we are always up to date with the new international standards. 

The Security Framework Standard

An industry-standard security framework is a benchmark of best practices that can measure and compare your security measures with the standards. ISO/IEC-27002 standard is specific framework provides best practices for information security management, covering key security areas such as assessment, access control, physical security, and change management. The ISO standard provides a good framework to compare your security policies and network controls. 



We will help you get compliant with the international standards of security applied to you field or industry.

Evaluation of the people and processes

Many risks related to security breaches are caused by human intervention, such as an employee clicking a phishing email without knowing it. Do you provide employee training to keep your organization aware of changing security threats? Are standard procedures and approvals required before implementing changes?

More importantly, if you encounter a problem, is there an exit procedure? How do you handle access rights for new employees and dismissals? 

We help you understand exactly how people access your organization’s network and existing security control.


The goal of data collection is to understand the effectiveness of your existing security procedures operating within the technical framework. In this step, your organizational controls will be compared with best practice standards (such as ISO 27002 and NIST 800-53) and related requirements. This allows you to see how your security process matches other processes that have proven successful.

To discover gaps and vulnerabilities within your organization, obtain samples of network equipment, servers, and applications. Data collection will help to fully understand your technical environment, the security measures that have been implemented, and your overall security effectiveness.

We will help you understand how processes and data are affecting your security.

Analyzing the security program

The last step is a detailed analysis of your safety procedures. Our engineers will correlate the findings and create your IT security profile, including strengths and weaknesses that need improvement. Armed with this information, we can make recommendations for a security plan tailored specifically for you company. A robust security plan should consider cyber risks, staffing, budget requirements, and a timetable for completing security improvements.


Cyber Treat Defense will help you optimize your security measures and will recommend the best practices in order to be fully secured. 

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