External Penetration Testing by certified engineers

Before a real hacking incident occurs test the security of your internet facing apps, websites, servers and network perimeter.

The External Security Audit attempts to gain entry into the internal network and servers by leveraging vulnerabilities discovered on the external assets.

We are a security consulting company, founded by senior penetration testers and security managers, offering certified Cyber Security Services of highest quality possible, for clients in EMEA and Middle East
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Benefits of external penetration tests

Lower the risk of getting hacked from outside

We helped companies to fix the vulnerabilities that expose their critical assets to hackers. We become partners in lowering the cyber risk.

Become IT Security Compliant

IT Security Compliance regulations and guidelines require an organisation to conduct security testing to identify vulnerabilities. We can help.

Know the vulnerabilities before a real attack

In CTD we help to lower the gap between what is known and what remains hidden from the awareness of the stakeholders.

Insight into your cyber security posture

We will help you determine how secure is your organization and how comprehensive is your cyber security strategy

Discover data leaks from your company

Using special techniques, we will report back to you the hidden information on the Internet about security breaches or data leaks from your company

Why our approach is best for you

Our external penetration test is based on PTES, NIST and OWASP standards combined with our
over 10 years experience as certified security engineers


We gather sensitive information about all external network assets belonging to your company: websites, servers, VPNs, APIs, that is valuable by real hackers

Manual Vulnerability Exploitation

We manually attack and compromise your web apps, email and VPN services, and public websites or portals, in order to discover what is critical

Vulnerability Scanning

Using the same tools and methods used by the hackers to breach the public-facing IT systems and network of your organization

Reporting and Retesting

We will provide you with a high quality report which includes executive summary, technical details & remediation solutions.

What recommends us

The team is very professional, even going the extra mile caring for customer needs and all the details of the collaboration. This attention to detail both for the human factor and the technical expertise motivated me to have the ongoing project and wish to maintain this for the foreseeable future.​
Catalin Priscornita testimonial picture for Cyber Threat Defense
Cătălin Priscorniță
CEO, Blitz.ro
Cyber Threat Defense has been a valuable partner in securing our software. Their outside the box perspective has pointed us attack scenarios that we are now paying more attention to.
I recommend CTD. They will certainly improve the level of security in your company.
Andrei Andreias testimonial picture for Cyber Threat Defense
Adrian Andreiaș
CEO, hosterion.com

Certified Experts

Highly Technical. Effective Communication. Trust

Danie Ciobanu Co-Founder CEH Certified Cyber Security Engineer
Veronica Mihaiu OSCP Certified Cyber Security Engineer
Razvan Furdui OSCP Certified Cyber Security Engineer
Offensive Security OSCP Certification
Certified Ethical Hacker Certification
CISM Certification Security Manager Alexandru Armean
GIAC Exploit Researcher And Advanced Penetration Tester GXPN

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