Compromise Assessment

A service to identify an ongoing or past attack incident in your business environment.

Get a complete review of your organization’s infrastructure to identify any instances of compromise, undetected backdoors, unauthorized access, and any malicious activities.

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Endpoint & Network Inspection

CTD engineers will conduct a thorough inspection of targeted or vulnerable end-points present in you environment.

We will recognize signs of malicious actives, such as sensitive data unauthorize access, remote access.


We apply our comprehensive library of indicators of compromise to evaluate network traffic, servers, workstations, laptops, and critical log data for evidence of current and past attacker activity.

Analyze evidence

The team will perform an extensive analyze on the findings and will provide the client recommendations on how to stay safe. Engineers will confirm initial findings to minimize false positives prior to reporting them.

Detailed Report

We provide a detailed report that summarizes the steps taken during the assessment, the major findings and their risks, and any appropriate recommendations for next steps.

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