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Case Study

The case study describes the steps taken in an internal network penetration test, in which the security team took control over the entire network and helped the client secure it against real-world cyber attacks.

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Case Study

The case study contains a real-world situation where the security team managed to exploit a vulnerability that offered admin access,while working in a web application penetration testing project.

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Case Study

The case study documents the details of a penetration test against an IoT device, a smart TV box, in which the security team bypassed multiple layers of security and different methods of payment

FEATURED CLIENTS client Cyber Security Services

Group Very

Group Very is a leading software consultancy company that works with a range of global to mid-sized organisations in all continents client logo penetration testing


A streamlined web app that helps you create and collaborate on wireframes, mockups, diagrams and prototypes. penetration testing client logo

Advisor Armor

Risk Assessments, Policies & Procedures, Training, Infrastructure Testing, Vendor Diligence and Fully Managed Incident Response Client Logo Penetration Tests


Web hosting with unlimited traffic, dedicated IPv6 address and non-stop technical support with generous and high-performance

arnia penetration testing client logo

Arnia Software

Arnia is a Romanian software development company, that develops web, mobile, desktop enterprise applications penetration testing client logo

Collecteurs is a revolutionary collection sharing platform that offers comprehensive solutions for collections of all sizes


The team is very professional, even going the extra mile caring for customer needs and all the details of the collaboration. This attention to detail both for the human factor and the technical expertise motivated me to have the ongoing project and wish to maintain this for the foreseeable future.​
Catalin Priscornita testimonial picture for Cyber Threat Defense
Cătălin Priscorniță
Cyber Threat Defense has been a valuable partner in securing our software. Their outside the box perspective has pointed us attack scenarios that we are now paying more attention to.
I recommend CTD. They will certainly improve the level of security in your company.
Andrei Andreias testimonial picture for Cyber Threat Defense
Adrian Andreiaș

Some other companies that gave their trust to us

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